The Philadelphia Experiment

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The Philadelphia Experiment

Note from the Editor: All of the text on this page has been glommed directly from the sites listed at the beginning of the articles. Follow those links for more information, links and references for this material. The management of The Sight makes absolutely no claims for nor endorsements of the veracity of the information which follows.

My own thoughts about the Philadelphia Experiment:

My feelings about the PX actually vacillate greatly, from total disbelief to a curious wonder. If I had to sum it up, I would be inclined to employ the theological language used to define myth, i.e., a tale used to explain the inexplicable, a symbol or icon which points beyond itself to a level of meaning which is beyond rational understanding. Do I believe the tale as related by Carl Allen--that an invisibility experiment was conducted on the Eldridge in the Philadelphia Navy Yard that resulted in the ship being teleported to Norfolk, with some sailors being teleported into a dockside bar, and others left embedded in the bulkheads? No, not really. Do I believe the tale of Al Bielek that he was teleported back and forth between 1943, 1983, and underground caverns on Mars? Nope, sorry. Do I believe that a rift in the quantum fabric sucked an alien spaceship into the underground secret laboratories at Montauk? This is great X-Files stuff, but I really doubt it. I think Bielek is a wonderful storyteller and Carl Allen was a world-class bullshit artist. Of the PX researchers, the only one to whom I give a shred of credibility is Marshall Barnes. Even Berlitz just strikes me as a cataloger of urban legend and tales. He writes on every modern fairy tale, from Atlantis to the Bermuda Triangle.

Carl Allen (a.k.a. Carlos Allende) articulated the "foundation myth" of the Philadelphia Experiment. If there is a kernel of truth in the story, we could suspect that Carl Allen picked up the story from someone else, perhaps embellishing and enhancing the tale. Al Bielek fleshed out the cosmology, the literature, the geography and added Montauk to the vocabulary of the PX, creating the great granddaddy government conspiracy story, complete with aliens, time travel, mind control, and psychic beasts materializing in the underground corridors of Montauk. He even managed to drag into the mix Aleister Crowley and Polygram Records. Was Crowley at Montauk in 1918? Who knows, and I can’t imagine the presence of Crowley could have any impact at all except to place the devil’s imprimatur on the Philadelphia Experiment as his influence tainted the early days of Scientology.

So what is credible? What can be believed or even entertained as plausible explanations? I have been to Norfolk and seen the concrete degaussing pylons in the harbor of the naval base. These things did use powerful fields of electricity to make the hulls of ships "invisible" to magnetic mines. Radar and sonar were brand new, so much so that the Japanese were said to not believe in radar at the beginning of the war. Einstein had published his Unified Field Theory and the General and Special Theories of Relativity. The United States and the Third Reich were both rushing to unlock the horrible power of atomic energy for weapons. This was a time when we were becoming aware of a whole new universe of unseen forces of unimaginable power that could be harnessed and focused for good and evil. Science fiction was becoming science fact in a highly chaotic way. There can be no doubt that all sorts of wild experiments were being conducted all over the place and there is no way to know everything that happened, shrouded as they were in wartime secrecy. I’m sure that it was scary, both to those in the know and those on the periphery trying to figure out what was going on.

It is also safe to assume that if the War Department did manage to blast a rift in the quantum fabric and snare a couple of foo fighters, they wouldn’t tell us about it, and they’d still be concealing it today. We know that gravity and light can be bent, and that even time and space can become elastic under the right circumstances. We know that the universe is far larger and more complex than we had ever dreamed. To tell you the truth, I would be surprised if the Navy didn’t run some experiments to see if they could make ships "invisible" either visually or to radar, and if there were human test subjects involved, it is likely that they were badly injured. In fact, I’d be inclined to assume some experiments of this sort took place, maybe not on August 12, 1943 in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, but somewhere. And what do we know of the experiments of the Manhattan Project, those that didn’t work quite right and produced unexpected results? The fact is that we don’t, and the most reasonable and probable assumption is that some weird science was applied in the frantic war years when the safety of normal research procedures were discarded for the sake of speed. My hunch is that the mystery and concealment of wartime scientific research is the unknowable to which the story of the Philadelphia Experiment speaks.

I hope these remarks are not heard as discounting the study of the Philadelphia Experiment because that is certainly not my intention. I guess I’m trying to reconcile the stories I’ve heard with my internal BS-meter. Like the flying saucer poster in Mulder’s office that says, "I want to believe," I would like to find out if something happened, and what it was, but I don’t want to uncritically believe wild stories that just feel too outlandish to square with my feelings and experience of the world.

In selecting links and comments about PX, I have tried to present as many sides of it as I can get--the skeptics and the true believers. Regardless of where you come down on it all, it is a fascinating tale. If you have some new or previously unseen information on the PX, I would love to see it. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to get in touch. The truth may very well be out there.


Alfred Bielek on the Philadelphia Experiment

"As announced, my name is Alfred Bielek, I am a survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment. I am going to ask before really starting: Out of the people who are here, how many of you really know what the Philadelphia Experiment, so called, was really all about?..."

This is the text of Al Bielek's speech to the 1990 MUFON convention. It is an utterly intriguing tale.

The Bielek Speech HTML We have annotated the text with additional links which give background, support or critique of Mr. Bieleks' claims.

The Bielek Speech PDF (Same text, but formatted nicely with bookmarks. Requires Acrobat Reader.)

Interview with Al Bielek on the real results of the Philadelphia Experiment

Download Acrobat Reader

The Philadelphia Experiment

Whether you believe the Philadelphia Experiment really happened or not, there are some excellent web sites available to give some background on the subject.

The premier site is The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z. While the author promotes his own book throughout, there is much research and links to other sources if you have the patience to continue scrolling down. You are invited to read several files, join a mailing list, and listen to five hours of audio discussion.

Read a skeptic's viewpoint.

The Philadelphia Chat Archives

On November 7, 1998, we welcomed author and researcher Marshall Barnes for a chat session on the mythical Philadelphia Experiment. What makes Marshall Barnes such an interesting paranormal investigator is that he approaches his work like a detective and actually tries to recreate paranormal phenomena. He is a frequent guest on the Art Bell show and has been featured on the Art & Entertainment network's Unexplained.

Marshall Barnes - All right, well here I am, the biggest pain in the ass that the PX cover-up boys could ever have imagined. Any questions?

Friend Owl - How does the Philadelphia Experiment tie in with the Montauk Project?

Marshall Barnes - According to Preston Nichols and Al Bielek, there was a time lock-up on August 12, 1943 to 1983. It gets pretty weird after that. I'm not sure how much of it to believe, but I think there is some serious things going on with Montauk. (continued on the link above)

Office of Naval Research Cover-Up

Wed, 1 May 1996 11:01:26 -0400 (EDT)

News Bulletin:

The Office of Naval Resaerch has been exposed in a cover-up that goes back at least 20 years. The cover-up involves their knowledge in 1957 of an alleged World War II experiment in optical and radar cloaking technology in 1943. Up to this time ONR scientists have been on record as saying that such experiments could "only be possible in the realm of science fiction." On May 2, the Biological and Physical Sciences Department of Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio, will present a colloquium by researcher, Marshall Barnes, that proves otherwise. In a stunning and simplistic lecture based upon naval military tactics of the period, known optical physics, reproducible experiments, and the same college physics text used at the college itself, Barnes will take the audience on a journey that matches all the evidence with the alleged account of what happened and even shows that light can be manipulated in the exact alleged fashion to produce transparency and invisibility effects. The presentation has already been seen by audiences in Cleveland and St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, where even skeptics were stunned by the results. The colloquium will be at 2:45pm in Delaware Hall room 121 on the campus of Columbus State Community College. Marshall will be speaking about his work live on the Art Bell radio show 11pm Pacific Standard Time today. The Art Bell radio program is heard on 264 stations nationwide and is also available on Real Audio on Art Bell's home page.

The Philadelphia Experiment - A Skeptic

Now, we're gonna make everything CLEAR about that rumor.

"" The result of the experiment was COMPLETE INVISIBILITY of a ship destroyer type, AND ALL its crew, while at sea (Oct. 1943). The field was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape, extending 100 yards...OUT from each beam of the ship. Any person within that sphere became vague in form...Somehow, also, the experimental ship disappeared from its Philadelphia dock and only a very few minutes later appeared at its other dock in the Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth area...the ship then AGAIN disappeared and went BACK to its Philadelphia dock. ""

The above is an extract from a letter written on January 13, 1965, by Carlos Miguel Allende (also known as Carl Allen), a former seaman, to Dr. Morris Jessup, an astronomer and author of "The Case For The UFO" (1995). The experiment, claimed Allende, was an application, by a scientist called Dr. Franklin Reno, of Eintein's unified field theory (a theory that attempts to connect the fundamental forces of nature). Reno, Allende claimed, had successfully connected the field of gravity with that of electromagnetism.

Allende stated that he WITNESSED the disapearance of the destroyer, the USS Eldridge, while on board a merchant ship, the SS ANDREW FURUSETH. However, the appearance of the ELDRIDGE in the Norfolk area was something that Allende claimed he had only read about, in a Philadelphia newspaper (oh yeah??).

According to Allende, the success of the experiment was marred by terrible side effects on the Eldridge crew. Once, during a dockside bar brawl, some of these crewmen, contended Allende, vanished into thin air. He further claimed that there was a report about this incident which had appeared in a Philadelphia newspaper, sometime in 1944-46 (a small lack of precision, here!). In the best-selling book they wrote about this "mystery", "The Philadelphia Experiment" (1979), Berlitz and Moore reproduce a newspaper clipping os such an account. YET THE CLIPPING DOES NOT BEAR ANY NEWSPAPER NAME OR DATE, AND ITS COLUMN WIDTH IS GREATER THAN THAT OF ANY PHILADELPHIA NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN THE 1940s.

Dr Jessup seems to have BELIEVED Allende's story and conducted research on it (good boy...). Naval records show that Allende was, as he had claimed to be, aboard the ANDREW FURUSETH in October 1943. BUT THESE RECORDS SHOW THAT THE ONLY POSSIBLE DATE ON WHICH THAT SHIP AND THE ELDRIDGE COULD HAVE BEEN (THOUGH THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT THEY WERE) IN THE SAME VINCINITY WAS AUGUST 16, 1943. In addition, no other former crew members of the Andrew Furuseth have at any time corroborated Allende's story......(!) Interesting!




Benjamin Leblanc

TWA Flight 800 and the Philadelphia Experiment

The real reason TWA Flight 800 was destroyed?

Found in the sci.astro newsgroup

Pierre Salinger, respected journalist and former press secretary for the Kennedy Administration, was convinced to go public with a document posted on the Internet by a person "inside the Government" who has high level connections to the TWA Flight 800 investigation. The Document in question described the release of a missile from a Navy ship with an Ageis Missile system in a Navy exercise area off the coast of New York's Long Island in an area known as Warning area -105.

I have information regarding the real information hidden within the document. I cannot reveal my identity for fear of endangering my life.

Several witnesses on the night of the explosion, including the pilot of a New York Air National Guard plane, reported the sighting of "an orange streak of light" descending toward Flight 800. Some have speculated this to be a missile, others a meteor and some conspiracy people have suggested a UFO. None of the above of the true. The truth of this matter will be so startling that you will not believe it at first reading but you will eventually have to accept it as fact.

The "streak of light" was an electro-magnetic-temporal ribbon that sliced through the atmosphere on the night of July 17th, 1996. This ribbon was created as a result of the conjunction of several top-secret government scientific experiments involving Einstein's Unified Field Theory (UFT) and the effects of high electro-magnetic frequency waves on portions of the atmosphere to warp into existence a rift in the space-time continuum.

At 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, two large antenna arrays, the first one in the state of Alaska known as the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (H.A.A.R.P.) and the second in Norway known as European Incoherent Scatter Radar site (EISCAT), were activated to study the creation of temporal anomalies in the Earth's atmosphere by altering the magnetosphere of the Earth in a way to cause such intense fields of magnetic compression within an area to warp a rift into the space-time continuum.

The purpose of the project was to create this rift to study Einstein's Unified Field Theory. Several sites across the Earth were selected for the creation of the rift in areas away from civilian centers and airline traffic.

The target area was to be over the center of the Atlantic Ocean and was to be studied by top-secret Military Atmospheric Information Satellites (MAIS). Several other attempts at this experiment failed due to miscalculations within the internal sub-processors of at least three Cray 3 super computers stored at the H.A.A.R.P. site. Once the sub-processors within the Cray-3's were replaced and several maintenance and calibration checks were performed, the system was at full operation on the night of July 17th, 1996. The facilities of H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska and EISCAT in Norway were simultaneously put into operation.

Once the experiment was started, the rift was created. It was only visible to the MAIS satellites and the American and Europeans Governments scientific personnel stationed at H.A.A.R.P. and EISCAT.

This experiment was a success until TWA Flight 800 intersected with an invisible "temporal axis" left permanently in place by two previous experiments by the U.S. Government to study Einstein's Unified Field Theory. If a line were drawn across the Earth to connect these two sites of previous experiments, one end of the line would end in Philadelphia Harbor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the other in Montauk, Long Island.

Philadelphia Harbor was the location of an Unified Field Theory experiment on August 15th, 1943, known as the "Philadelphia Experiment". A Navy Destroyer Escort known as the U.S.S. Eldridge (DE 173) was outfitted with large electromagnetic Tesla coils for an experiment involving "radar invisibility". The first test of the ship was a success but a second test on that fateful day would prove fatal to many crew members who would man the ship. According to classified ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) files, the U.S.S. Eldridge underwent a dramatic change once the experiment was under way. The ship, was surrounded by a green haze of electromagnetic energy and the Eldridge vanished in splaying light into the space-time continuum.

Echoes of the Eldridge were scattered all over the space time continuum both in the past and the future in the proximity of both high electromagnetic fields and temporal distortion fields. One echo appeared in the previous port of the Eldridge, Norfolk, Virginia. The ship re-appeared in Philadelphia with several crew members burned, some phased and combined with the super-structure of the ship and others who vanished or were able to walk through walls and one man apparently traveled through time to the year 1984 as you will see later. Several more echoes of the Eldridge have appeared since 1943 and would be significant in the events that followed later.

A second experiment to study Einstein's Unified Field Theory took place in Montauk, Long Island in the summer of 1984. This experiment was meant to be an improvement on the original Philadelphia Experiment. This project would also have dire consequences that would endanger the Earth itself.

The experiment was activated and in hyper-dimensional space, which has no time what-so-ever, the effect of the Montauk Project intersected with the effects of the Philadelphia Experiment. A vortex was opened up between the years 1943 and 1984.

An echo of the U.S.S. Eldridge appeared and vanished. One of the sailors from the Eldridge was stranded in the year 1984 at Montauk. According to scientists working on the Montauk Project, the vortex between Montauk and Philadelphia was staying open because it was still being controlled by the generators powering the electro-magnetic coils on the Eldridge in 1943.

If the vortex had stayed open, the 1984 Earth would have been pulled into hyperdimensional space and destroyed as it passed through the vortex and collided with the 1943 Earth. The sailor from the Eldridge was convinced to go back through the vortex to the U.S.S. Eldridge in 1943 and shut down the generators. He went back and destroyed several vacuum tube arrays for the circuitry running the 1943 experiment. He then vanished, never to be seen again.

Although the vortex was closed between Philadelphia 1943 and Montauk 1984, a permanent "temporal axis" was left between the two sites, stretching from Philadelphia, across New Jersey and across the Atlantic Ocean, just ten miles south of Long Island until it reached Montauk.

Now we get to July 17th, 1996. As TWA Flight 800 was rising to 13,000 feet, it was also intersecting with this "temporal axis". At the moment TWA Flight 800 intersected, the transponder was continuously sending a signal to JFK International Tower, giving it's location on the Air Traffic Control Screens. This signal was at the exact same harmonic frequency as the temporal distortion caused by H.A.A.R.P. and EISCAT over the Atlantic. The temporal distortion became naturally attracted to the harmonic signal emanating from the TWA's transponder and "quantum leaped" from it's original site to cross the "temporal axis" at a 90 degree angle, at the exact point in which TWA Flight 800 intersected with it.

An orange streak of light became visible as the temporal distortion appeared from it's quantum leap and then shortened it's length down to the plane from both directions. The rift tore through the plane, destroying the transponder and causing a massive explosion of molten metal that punctured the center fuel tank. This is why some witnesses say the streak of light came from above (the meteor theory) or it rose from below (the missile theory) and why there has been no evidence of a bomb, missile or mechanical failure. The first "booming" sound heard by witnesses was the temporal rift destroying the center fuel tank and the second sound was the wing tanks beginning to explode. The destruction of the center fuel tank caused the chain reaction explosion through out the fuel tanks in the wings while the plane plummeted to the Atlantic, killing all 230 people on board.

At the exact same moment of the destruction of Flight 800, an echo of the U.S.S. Eldridge appeared on the Atlantic, 13,000 feet directly underneath the plane. The Eldridge appearance explains why there were reports of a ship in the area near Flight 800 and then discounted by the Government as conjecture by the media.

There have been periodic after effects of this juncture with the most recent reappearance of the rift appearing near a Pakistani airliner on November 16th, 1996 while it followed the same path as Flight 800. The transponder of the Pakistani Airliner temporarily reactivated the temporal rift. The rift was activated again by a Canadian Airlines 747 on December 13th, 1996.

The current news stories are telling us that there was a spark near an air conditioning unit (what the hell does air conditioning have to do with the center fuel tank anyways?) that set off the explosion. What's not being told is the "spark" the authorities are not telling us about is the rupture in the space time continuum.

This is the true story that needs to be told and the doors must be opened on the secrecy surrounding top secret Unified Field Theory projects before more deaths are caused.

Let the truth be known.

Some Additional Links on the Downing of TWA Flight 800

The Philadelphia Experiment
Project Invisibility, was the Navy successful in 1943?

The truth behind the experiment that the Navy denies is as follows: We may never know. But we do have evidence of such an experiment, which may or may not be an elaborate hoax. My personal opinion is as follows: It probably did happen, since it failed it was denied. The Manhattan project was a success and Nuclear weapons are now a reality. If the Experiment would have worked I believe it would be common knowledge by now and the Bomb project may have been scrapped since we would have at least 1 ultimate weapon to win WWII.

The story begins: Dr. Morris Jessup was a scientist interested in the propulsion systems of UFO's, suggesting that they do exist or could be made on Earth. He wrote a book, The Case of the UFO, which was read by a Calos Allenda. He claimed to have been a witness to the Experiment and was opposed to Dr. Jessup's urging the government to pursue research into Einstein's Unified Field Theory to develop a new power source that could make space travel possible. Although Einstein did complete his Theory between1925-27 and publish it in Prussian scientific journals, he withdrew it as incomplete. He was worried that mankind wasn't ready to put it to use yet. The Theory did not reappear until 1940, at a point which was after the basically pacifistic Dr. Einstein had become convinced that the Nazi menace must be stopped at any cost. This is also the first year the Navy first began working on the Experiment. Allenda wrote Jessup and informed him that he would be mad to pursue a technology that was already proven to be an uncontrollable force with disasterous results. The field generated on the ship in the Experiment, The Eldridge (DE 173) would make light able to pass through anything inside the field so it would be invisible to anything outside the field. It was so strong that the men on the ship were adversely affected. You will read in the letters more on how they were affected.

Dissecting the story of the Philadelphia Experiment
to its simple components.

In this site, we will look at the whole story of the Philadelphia Experiment, the causes of the legends and how they perpetuated into modern folklore. We will explore history for clues as to the forming of the story. We will also look at the military advances that have taken place since the Second World War and try to find a link back to the common basis of the story. As more and more information surfaces pertaining to the Philadelphia Experiment, this site will try to reflect this and support or dismiss the new information. Below is a set of links leading to various pages...

The Sight's Montauk Resource Links

A nice set of links on the Montauk Project, the base itself, and the Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment:
What They Didn't Want You To Know

" caught fire, went mad, and - the most bizarre of all, some were embedded halfway into the deck of the ship. Others phased in and out of this reality..."

Much has been written and speculated about this legend of an experiment in "electronic camouflage," both pro and con. Reportedly it ended with the ship teleporting from Philadelphia to Norfolk with some crew members becoming embedded in the ship. Sorting the facts from the fiction has proven an almost impossible task, particularly with the recent flux of misinformation and deliberate disinformation that has been injected into the internet by those connected to the U.S. intelligence community, professional skeptics and arm chair researchers....

This site deals with the A&E Networks's episode of the "The Unexplained" and how they attempted to debunk the story and suppress the evidence developed by Marshall Barnes. It has color photos of light refraction experiments testing for invisibility, documents, pictures, etc. It's an article about how Marshall Barnes went after the A&E's "The Unexplained" and their two main detractors of the PX - Robert Goerman and U.S.N.'s John Reilly, and nailed them in a sting operation. All kinds of stuff that the show wanted "suppressed". Tons of PX facts that can be proven, and some inside info on how Jacques Vallee had been involved with the PX cover-up too. It's a must see, must read.

Marshal Barnes Philadelphia Experiment Chat Archive

"On Friday March 12th, 1999, we welcomed researcher Marshall Barnes back for another chat about the Philadelphia Experiment and his other investigations. Besides writing and producing videos on the PX, Marshall Barnes has been a guest on the Art Bell Show, the Laura Lee Show, A&E's Unexplained and the X-Zone radio show." He can be reached at

The Current Whereabouts of the USS Eldridge

The more I have correspondence with our new friend George, the more I begin to see that we have found the "Indiana Jones" of Greece. Once again, George surprises me by saying the ship used in the 1943 Invisibility Test, out of the Philadelphia Harbor, known to us as the Philadelphia Experiment is a ship now part of the Greek Navy, known as the "Leon". So please find attached to this page, George's account of the Eldridge in Greece including an interview with two Naval Officers that served on this ship.

For those interested in contacting George directly, or to obtain copies of any film/video he has created, he can be reached at his email address at:

Enjoy ... what a story ...

The Sight's Resources on The U.S.S. Eldridge

USS Eldridge, a 1240-ton Cannon class destroyer escort built at Newark, New Jersey, was commissioned in August 1943. She was employed on escort duties in the Atlantic until May 1945, when she departed for service in the Pacific. Eldridge was decommissioned in July 1946 and placed in the Reserve Fleet. In January 1951, she was transferred to the Greek Navy, in which she served as Leon into the 1990s.

UFOSeek: Philadelphia Experiment

A good set of links

The Barnes-Corbin Debate

On June 7, 1998 True.X-File.News found a message from Michael Corbin, President of ParaNet Information Services charging True.X-File.News and Marshall Barnes, an investigator we had written a story about concerning his investigation into the nature of an article written by Dr. Jacques F. Vallee entitled Anatomy Of A Hoax, with making "radical claims", "outrageous allegations", "without sufficient information", and nearly came close to libeling investigator Barnes by calling him a "rank amateur sleuth with an axe to grind". In reality it is Corbin who made the wild allegations without sufficient evidence because he had been supplied with our story which contained information that Barnes had painstakingly assembled into an electronic package with links to evidence that proved that the Anatomy article was a fraud due to the false testimony of its one and only witness, Edward Dudgeon, upon whose testimony the article's main thesis is based.

Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later

What Actually Happened in Philadelphia: In an earlier assessment of the Philadelphia Experiment data, the author offered the tentative conclusion that the story was, in part, based on fact: the Navy may have been involved in technically-advanced, classified tests in the Fall of 1943 (Vallee, 1991). These developments could have been misunderstood or deliberately romanticized by people like Allende, just as today we find tests of advanced flying platforms at Nellis Air Force Base being misinterpreted by believers. Furthermore I hypothesized that the experiments had to do with a radar countermeasures test. Indeed a Raytheon advertisement published thirteen years ago suggested that the corresponding technology was now out in the open (Raytheon, 1980). This hypothesis, however, failed to explain a few of the facts that highlighted the story. In particular it did not account for the observed disappearance of the destroyer from the harbor, for the mysterious devices brought on board under extreme security precautions, or for the alleged disappearance of two sailors from a nearby tavern. I called out to any one of my readers who might have additional information. That is how I came to correspond, and later to meet face to face, with Mr. Edward Dudgeon...  



The story that become known under the title "The Philadelphia Experiment", surfaced through a series of strange events, with a truely mysterious figure as the lead star. On 1955 a book titled  “The expanding case for the UFO” was released. This book was meant to become known not for its content but because of the events that followed.

Morris Jessup

Morris Jessup

The author was Morris K Jessup, an astronomer, Michigan University graduate where he also lectured for a period. But Jessup was also a passionate UFO researcher. After publishing his book he began a series of public lectures in order to promote his publication.  On January 1956 Jessup received a letter from someone who obviously attended at least one of his lectures and also read his book. The letter commented on Jessup's writings about the UFOs and at some point there was a reference to an unusual incident.

According to the letter on October 1943 a top secret experiment was conducted by the US Navy. The result of the experience was invisibility and teleportation of a US destroyer, while at sea. 

The letter was signed by a Carl Allen, who also used the alias Carlos Miguel Allende. According to Allen the Experiment was actually a practical application of Einstein's Unified Fields Theory.

If you know of a good Philadelphia Experiment site,
drop me an email and I'll post it here