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The Sight Syd's Journal WordWorks View/Read Syd's Journal Excerpts from Syd's Journal Audio Recordings Gallery of Artwork " ..The Web itself is infinite in every direction, changing beyond the borders. This is paradox, and it is in this paradox that all things find a unification upon the Web. The Web is the collection of the Intersection of Possibilities. Where the threads embrace, a Thing is created. Where it is sundered, No-Thing." - Chaos Tools

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  Syd's Journal Volume 11

I have come to understand that the act of recording, be it the written word, image, sound or video is an important and valuable thing in itself. I have gigabytes of still pictures and I don’t regret shooting a single one. I only regret the pictures I didn’t take and the journal entries I was too busy to write. The funny thing about my mind is that I’m really pretty smart when it comes to understanding things, but my memory isn’t worth a damn. If I don’t shoot a picture, jot down a journal entry or something,
I lose it.

Topics: Singular Vision, Remembering and Recording, Dying, Mt. Carmel, Doug's Spurs, Inner Fires, I want to go moose hunting with Sarah Palin, Heaven Bends Close, Thinking about the Beats, Art, Graphics, Photography, Poetry

Winter Trees, The Divine Topography, Hunter Thompson, Trash's Version of the Philadelphia Experiment, Train Whistle
Syd's Journal Volume 10
I hear a train whistle blowing out in the night. That’s a sound I love. It’s a lonesome sound, but it’s solitary and strong too. It’s a sound I have heard all of my life. I know that when I was an infant in my crib in Texas, back oh so long ago, I heard the freight
train whistles in the night.
Sounds like that have a
special power: they can take you back; they can take you away. I like that.
  Click Here for Syd's Journal #9 - Requires Acrobat Reader
Also "Notes to my clone," "The God Bear and the Fire Witch," "Seeing Allen Ginsberg," and a bunch of other stuff that you could probably safely live your entire life without  reading.
Syd's Journal Volume 9
How does a bug, even a big-ass bug, stay in the ground for seventeen years? How do they know that seventeen years have passed? Why do they all come out on the same year? Did they have a great cicada convention and all decide to go into the ground at the same time and come out seventeen years later? What do they do in the ground for seventeen years? Do they dream? Do they count the minutes for seventeen years? These things bother me.
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barking at the mo
Machine Gun Street,Cosmic
  Subjects: The Alley, Racism, Sex, Base 5, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Walking, Infidelity, Star Wars, Whaling. Subjects: War, Naked Desire, Wizardry, Women Who Walk Like Indians, Sex and the Ozone Layer, Love Goddesses, Moby Dick. Subjects: War, Fantasies of the Comatose, The Battle of the Coral Sea, Cosmic Perversity and Self Defense.
  Syd's Journal
Volume 5
Syd's Journal
Volume 4
Syd's Journal
Volume 3
It's 2:30 in the morning. I go downstairs for a package of cigarettes. For me, none of this is unusual. Downstairs I notice that all the lights are on and the shades are up in the apartment next door.
On the Importance of Listening to Small Persons
It's the morning of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. I'm taking a bath--one of the few peaceful moments I find during the day--and Daniel comes into the bathroom, something he's been warned stringently not to do unless it's a matter of profound importance. He says, "Daddy, I'm sad."
"Why, Daniel?"
Everything's perfect in the yuppie gulag. The houses stand sanitary and new against the flawless Ohio sky. This is a different world. I haven't seen a single strip mine.  I've seen no one living in an abandoned school bus.  

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