Every Painting in the MoMA in Two Minutes

Fine art now comes in concentrate. This video, created by graphic design student Chris Peck, shows every painting in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as they were on April 10, 2010.

If you’re wondering, the song in the background is Mad Rush by Philip Glass.


Luck in Photography

“Many people, even some good photographers, talk of the ‘luck’ of photography as if that were a disparagement. And it is true that luck is constantly at work. It is one of the cardinal creative forces in the universe, one which the photographer has unique equipment for collaborating with. And a photographer often shoots around a subject, especially one that is highly mobile and in continuous and swift development–which seems to me as much his natural business as it is for a poet who is really in the grip of his poem to alter and re-alter words in his line. It is true that most artists, though they know their own talent and its gifts as luck, work as well as they can against luck, and that in most good works of art, as in little else in creation, luck is either locked out or locked in and semi-domesticated, or put to wholly constructive work; but it is peculiarly a part of the good photographer’s adventure to know where luck is most likely to lie in the stream, to hook it, and to bring it in without unfair play and without too much subduing it. Most good photographs, especially the quick and lyrical kind, are battles between the artist and luck.” – James Rufus Agee


John Waters


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HIDEFAC I’m neurotic. I get tangled up in my mind and do stupid things. I will resist doing something that is easy, for which there is no reason that I shouldn’t do it, but not doing it will make someone mad at me. That’s neurotic. I was somewhat distressed to learn that the DSM-III (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) had eliminated “neurosis” as a category of mental disorder. I guess I’m OK now since the DSM says that what I have doesn’t exist. One would think that I would quit procrastinating on silly things, but I still do.

Neurosis is a class of personality disorders that do not rise to the level of “psychosis” and they aren’t generally helped by pills, shock treatment and lobotomies. Generally speaking, neuroses won’t land you in prison or the morgue; they just trip you up and make your life a pain in the ass. Often, they are rooted in conflicting messages from parents in early childhood, medium level trauma early in life, self-esteem issues and the like. In "A Bio-Social Theory of Neurosis", Dr. C. George Boeree characterized the effects of neurosis this way:

…anxiety, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of self-worth, etc., behavioral symptoms such as phobic avoidance, vigilance, impulsive and compulsive acts, lethargy, etc., cognitive problems such as unpleasant or disturbing thoughts, repetition of thoughts and obsession, habitual fantasizing, negativity and cynicism, etc. Interpersonally, neurosis involves dependency, aggressiveness, perfectionism, schizoid isolation, socio-culturally inappropriate behaviors, etc.

While I don’t suffer with “schizoid isolation” (the world won’t leave me alone) and “socio-culturally inappropriate behaviors” (unless you include a certain fondness for assault rifles), virtually all the rest of that stuff has plagued me at one time or another. I have a phobic avoidance going with the Highland Kroger supermarket; I would rather go hungry than enter that store. I will impulsively post weird crap on my blog that I know makes my friends question my sanity. “Unpleasant or disturbing thoughts” – are there any other kinds? Vigilant? Not only am I vigilant, I have two German Shepherds to help me, and one of us is going to pick you up before you get over the wire. “Sadness and depression, anger, irritability…” – if you don’t have these, you just aren’t paying attention.

I have acute mental confusion every time I read the news because it looks like the people running this planet are a whole lot dumber than I am. So, why are they in charge and not me? This confuses the hell out of me. I compulsively take photographs, draw pictures and write things, trying to capture the glimpses of beauty and interest that present themselves to me. I habitually fantasize that this is some kind of bad dream that I’m going to wake up from real soon.

Carl Jung said, “I have frequently seen people become neurotic when they content themselves with inadequate or wrong answers to the questions of life…” OK, Carl, what are the right answers? Shall we all become fully integrated cosmic Buddha-Jesus-Brahma-Godhead, and how many deities does one planet really need? Don’t get me wrong; I like Jung, but not everyone can devote their lives to undergoing psychoanalysis until perfect personal wholeness is achieved, if that’s even possible, and I doubt it actually. Cynical, I guess – see there’s that neurosis popping up again.

You know what’s really wild? I don’t want to be cured. I won’t go to a psychoanalyst to “fix me” because that whole writhing snake pit of personality flaws is a big part of what makes me myself. If I got cured, I wouldn’t have any motivation at all. I guess I’d just sit there like Buddha and soak in nirvana, but honestly, that’s just not my style. I actually kind of like my disturbing thoughts, and maybe, just maybe, a thinking person ought to be a bit angry these days. Yeah, the supermarket thing is kind of psycho, but I’m working on it.


Syd’s Journal, Volume 11

Walking_Mt._CarmelSyd’s Journal Volume 11

I have come to understand that the act of recording, be it the written word, image, sound or video is an important and valuable thing in itself. I have gigabytes of still pictures and I don’t regret shooting a single one. I only regret the pictures I didn’t take and the journal entries I was too busy to write. The funny thing about my mind is that I’m really pretty smart when it comes to understanding things, but my memory isn’t worth a damn. If I don’t shoot a picture, jot down a journal entry or something, I lose it.

If you have been reading the blog, you have probably read most of the stuff in this volume. This one is the graphic version, with drawings and photographs, set into pages and printable on real paper. (What a concept!)

Topics: Singular Vision, Remembering and Recording, Dying, Mt. Carmel, Doug’s Spurs, Inner Fires, I want to go moose hunting with Sarah Palin, Heaven Bends Close, Thinking about the Beats, Art, Graphics, Photography, Poetry.

To download, Click here. This link will open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.


Portrait of a Man on Thursday

Man on Thursday - color


UFO over my back yard


This UFO was hovering over my back yard this afternoon. Think I wil send the pic in to Mufon for verification.


Moon in Tree Branches

moom and tree branch 640-2