Time to Get Angry


“Dead Gas Station” Yashica 635, Kodak Tmax 100

This gas station was a BP for a long time, and it flourished while it was a BP, but then the owners started mixing gas from other low-price vendors and BP cut them off. It wasn’t long before the station just failed and closed. Now, its carcass sits by the side of Newburg Road looking dead and forlorn. I have spent thousand of dollars here in gasoline, but now I have to drive over to Popular Level Road to a Texaco, soon to be a Marathon, to fill my tank.

With millions of gallons of BP oil gushing into the the Gulf of Mexico, and ruining a place I have loved all my life, I find myself wishing that we could make all the gas stations look like this. Maybe we could build electric cars, and rebuild the railroads. Maybe in some places we could even go back to riding horses. That would suit me fine.

I remember how the gas companies gouged us so badly a couple of years ago and helped to bring on the recession we now suffer. $4 for a gallon of gas, just because the hotdog speculators in the commodity pits bid the price up. They didn’t give a damn about us, or the country that allowed them to make a killing. “Killing the golden goose” has never been more true. I hope all of those creeps are out of work now. The world fell into a recession, and they eased the prices, just enough to keep us from going bankrupt trying to get to work, that is, those of us who still had work. Then this spill happened. It is no small wonder that the rage against the oil companies has boiled up. The rage will drive BP into liquidation, but if that is all that happens, we will have proven again how stupid we are.

It’s time – really, it’s past time – to get angry. It’s time to get angry about they way we’re getting screwed. It’s time to angry about what’s happening to our planet. It’s time to quit talking and start making some solutions happen. We have all been passive for too long. We have all been unwilling to suffer any inconvenience or do without any gadget for too long. It’s time to start saying “No” to the machine.

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  • Zack says:

    Good post and good advice. I don’t wait for official actions to be organized, I have several personal crusades going at any given moment. I still buy American made cars, I buy ever smaller cars with ever better gasoline mileage,I don’t buy gasoline from Hugo Chavez (Citgo). If I cannot buy “made in America” I buy goods made in countries that don’t hate us. I try to buy goods over the Internet so I don’t give anti-gun Illinois their sales tax.

    I am hoping that electric cars catch on and that some big-time stores such as WalMart start offering free (or cheap) plug-in recharge stations for shoppers. American car dealerships (and hotel chains) could do the same for travelers.

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