Looking for Fish at Willow Lake


Yashica 635, Tmax 100 (expired) in Tmax

I had a few frames left on a roll so we went over to Willow Lake which is really just a large pond on the edge of Cherokee Park. It was late in the afternoon with a heavy overcast, but I wanted soft light, rather than a hard directional light that clear skies would have provided.

The film was from a batch of expired Tmax 100 that I bought a while back. The film expired in 2004 and I have been shooting it for practice fodder and to test it to see if it still works. It works fine in terms of development. The contrast and tones are right but I got a lot of light streaks which are too small to see at this size, but they would show up on a 10” x 10” print. I’m not sure if this is deterioration of the film or not. I washed some of the negatives in film cleaner to make sure it wasn’t residue from the development, and it didn’t wash out. The worst streaks can been seen with the naked eye. They look like dark, fine hair on the negative. If I was scratching the emulsion, one would think that the streaks would be reversed, looking light in the negative and dark in print.

We walked around the lake looking for interesting angles. Marian started looking for fish in the water and I realized there was repetition of form between her pose and the shape of the lake which was interesting, so I shot the picture. The soft light gave a dreamy mood to the scene. With a little touch-up in Photoshop to get rid of the streaks, I had a picture, but I’m wondering is this expired Tmax is more trouble than it’s worth.


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