Cutting the Cable

LinksysCutting the Cable

Spectrum upped our bill to nearly $200/month and then scrambled the signal, forcing us to lease yet another cable box for the second TV, so we decided to cut the cable – turn the damned thing off. This meant internet only for entertainment. We upgraded the modem to 50 megabit and I bought a new triple band Linksys router which is designed for homes with a lot of wireless devices. We can now watch TV on our iPhones, Fire tables, and the Smart TV. Installing this new equipment and getting all of the wireless devices talking to each other was an exercise in uber-geekdom. I got it all done, so now I can watch baseball on my phone, tablet or TV. I have to say that I don’t think normal people can do this. It’s just too complicated. I have been doing computers since the very first 256K IBM PC so I have an intuition about this stuff. I’m lucky. I don’t see how people coming to it new can figure it out. That’s what the cable companies are banking on.


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