The Tactical Teacher

art_teacherI’ve thought about this a lot. In another universe far far away, I did a lot of tactical training with handguns. I have studied the matter closely, run the drills and know intimately the feeling of a .45 automatic pistol bucking violently in my hands as it launched its payload downrange. I have trained with soldiers, cops, Air Force A-Team operators and Army Rangers, many of them veterans of “the sandbox.” In those circles, the definition of a pistol is “something you use to fight your way back to your gun.” I have applied some serious brain time to this issue.

The “arm the teachers” idea is rooted in a fantasy, the “good guy with a gun” myth so popular among gun enthusiasts – the notion that a normal citizen with a handgun can stop an armed assailant before a crime is committed. This fantasy rests on a number of shaky assumptions: The armed citizen will be psychologically capable of firing a disabling shot under pressure; the armed citizen will be psychologically prepared for the attack and act with courage; the bullet fired by the citizen will stop the attack; the setup will be perfect to shoot the attacker without shooting other people in the process; the armed citizen will conscientiously develop and maintain skill with the weapon; the armed citizen will correctly use cover and movement to avoid being shot themselves; the armed citizen will learn and practice failure drills; the armed citizen will learn and successfully use retention techniques to avoid being disarmed by the assailant; the armed citizen will not get shot in the process of being a hero — You get the idea.

Now, imagine your third grade English teacher doing that. I’ll wait.


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