Pictures of the Day: Experiments with Film

These were done with a new [to me] film/developer combination – Tmax 400 and Tmax developer. Tmax 400 was brought out as a replacement for Tri-X 400, and was supposed to be a lot better in tone and grain.  To be honest, it looks a lot like Tri-X to me, maybe with a bit better tone and grain structure. My favorite combo is Plus-X and Microdol, but Plus-X is a slow film and not ideal for street shooting.

Fireplace-grate Fireplace Grate, Hornback Farm


Wash Tub, Hornback Farm

Music-at-the-Farmers-Market Music at the Farmer’s Market (some people just like to have their picture taken, I suppose…)

Sleeping-in-the-sunOld Dog Sleeping in the Sun

I know, “Why bother with film?” I guess it’s just because I really like doing it. Photos were done on the Nikon F3 with a Nikkor AI 35-105 Macro lens. Negatives were developed in the kitchen sink and digitized with the Epson 4180 Photo.


2 Responses to Pictures of the Day: Experiments with Film

  • Michael H says:

    Just stumbled on your blog Syd. I just purchased an F3 and am awaiting delivery. Haven’t done film for some years. I don’t have the resources to develop negatives yet, but I do have a good lab nearby. I’m also scoping out the Epson V600 scanner to render images from 35mm and 120mm negatives (I also have a Fuji GW690ll medium format camera). Great photos here. My own preference is for colour slides (unmatchable IMHO) and monochrome prints.

  • Syd Weedon says:

    Michael, All you really need to develop b&w film is a tank, thermometer, timer and chemistry. It’s really pretty easy. I use and Epson 4180 scanner, not as good as the V600 but it works. Have fun. I adore my F3.

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