Thunder Over Louisville

Our Thunder over Louisville at KLOU Bowman Field, 2015

This was our Saturday, at KLOU Bowman Field. This is my home field. I live about three miles from here. You will find a significant number of flights in and out of KLOU in VAFS. "Thunder Over Louisville" is part of the Kentucky Derby Festival and it is half air show and half fireworks. We rode our bikes over to the field to watch the planes. A member of the Vintage Warbirds invited us into their hanger. It was a magical day. Here are some pics.



Temporary Beings of Light – Thunder Over Louisville

These are shots of the fireworks display at Thunder Over Louisville 2012 on April 21, 2012. I had a telephoto lens on my camera to shoot the air show and I didn’t want to change lenses once the ash and smoke began to fall. The telephoto allowed me to get really close to the exploding shells, but it also flattened the depth, giving the photos a graphic look, almost like paintings. I hope you enjoy them. Click on the pictures for a larger view.


Thunder 2012 1


Thunder 2012 2


Thunder 2012 3


Thunder 2012 4


Thunder 2012 5


Thunder 2012 7


Thunder 2012 8


Thunder 2012 10


Thunder 2012 11


Thunder 2012 12


Thunder 2012 14


Thunder 2012 15


Thunder 2012 16


Thunder 2012 Airshow 9